Sloan & Feller Deploys NeuLexa as Key Technology to Reimagine Legal Workflow and Supercharge Business Development for Firm

Publish Date: April 03, 2013

Sloan & Feller Deploys NeuLexa® as Key Technology to Reimagine Legal Workflow and Supercharge Business Development for Firm

Partner deploys cloud platform to “supercharge” practice and create competitive positioning in the marketplace


NEW YORK CITY — April 3, 2013– Alan D. Feller, partner of the New York-based multi-disciplinary law firm Sloan & Feller, announces the successful Q4 2012 deployment of the cloud-platform NeuLexa®.  NeuLexa is now one of the key technology tools utilized to significantly improve legal workflow for the firm by reimagining how professionals both assemble and collaborate with geographically dispersed teams of professionals and communicate and collaborate on documents with diversely interested client-bases.  In so doing, NeuLexa intelligently supercharges business development for the firm as well as its long term competitive positioning in the legal marketplace. 


Sloan & Feller specializes in elder law, estate planning and business advisement in New York City and surrounding regions.  Cases often require assembling geographically dispersed teams of professionals from many disciplines and the collaboration of many persons on, sometimes, thousands of documents.  Alan Feller was a technology team member of the NYSBA’s Task Force for the Legal Profession in 2011 where he advocated that small firms could realize similar intelligence benefits to those of big law through effective use of technology.


Designed from the ground-up by lawyers for the way lawyers not only want to work, but how they work most effectively, NeuLexa rotates legal workflow around people, not data.  NeuLexa achieves this through an intuitive project and document management interface as well as closed circuit social media features which leverage the knowledge base of legal and professional teams as well as increase the frequency and quality of meaningful attorney-client interactions, positively enhancing those relationships.    


According to Feller, “As a small firm owner, NeuLexa allows me to think more creatively about my business.  The ability to keep all of my project documents with workflow in one place and being able to combine internal and external professionals so easily is tremendously helpful.  After evaluating my experience implementing NeuLexa in a recent business advisement case and our new Medicaid project configuration, I can see that the NeuLexa platform supercharges my practice.” 


CEO of NeuLexa, Chi Eng, remarks, “We’re pleased the law firm Sloan & Feller has met with immediate and positive results with their deployment of NeuLexa.  The technology IQ of clients and professionals has certainly increased now to a tipping point.  We’re proud to deliver NeuLexa into this space, optimizing the most potent features of social networking, document collaboration and project management tools for the new legal workflow.  Forward-thinking attorneys like Alan Feller are pivotal in seeing the benefits of unique platforms like NeuLexa and will be the first to realize the benefits.” 


To read the full case study published in Law Journal Newsletters Legal Tech edition, please visit  If you are in Chicago at ABA TechShow, come visit them at the ABA TechShow April 4-5, come visit NeuLexa at booth #813.



About NeuLexa Corp.

Engineered from the ground-up for the global-mobile legal environment, NeuLexa uniquely combines an enterprise-grade document collaboration platform with project management features, transactional capabilities and team building social tools which leverage the legal team knowledge base.  Built upon its proprietary, patent-pending algorithm designed by NeuLexa CEO Chi Eng--a practicing IP attorney, former AT&T Bell Labs engineer, and former general counsel--NeuLexa brings geographically dispersed teams an analytical and collaborative secure environment which encompasses project initiation in the RFP management module through the matter lifecycle with project management features, milestones and transactional capabilities. NeuLexa employs military-grade encryption of data, messages and files during transit and in storage. For more information visit and follow them on Twitter @NeuLexa.




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